My Earth Day Resolutions

Just by looking up at the moon and reveling in it's great beauty and thinking of my own experience, I think that standing on its surface I wouldn't feel nearly as inclined to influence its future as my gaze eventually wanders to Earth, a small marble I could fit between my thumb and forefinger peering back from the same point in space on which I once gazed. The concept of wanting what you can't have pervades this scene and though it seems frivolous, maybe since we have it, it's integral in retaining hope and care for a more fulfilling future. I ask this of you, as this is one of my wants, to picture yourself on the moon as you dream of some earthly desire, and you'll realize that it can be obtained. But even if it may seem possible from this distance, you've only taken a hurried glimpse of the greater reality, and that is: it takes some work. But departing the Earth better than when you arrived on it and knowing that doing so will leave you more fulfilled and enable similar opportunities down the line not just for you results in benefit that far exceeds the cost.
Time to put these words to action.

To honor the Earth, starting this Earth Day I'm going to begin cutting my carbon footprint by 25 percent. I'll take measures that the Environmental Protection Agency's "Household Emissions Calculator" anticipates will substantially reduce it, including substituting 10% of my household's electricity with green power, replacing the old furnace with an Energy Star model and single-pane windows with Energy Star ones, turning the air conditioner up by 8 degrees in the summer and turning it down by 8 degrees on winter nights, sealing and insulating air leaks, replacing expired light bulbs with 20-watt LED lights, and driving my car 10 fewer miles per week and having maintenance performed on it routinely. In addition to these, some initiatives I thought up include planting a tree, donating to an environmental organization, taking action by writing to my Senators about limiting carbon pollution, using water efficiently, turning off more lights in the house, powering off electronics (as many still expend energy when in standby mode), eating more sustainably (organic, locally-produced foods and less meat), and attending an Earth Day event in order to be inspired and enlightened by the knowledge of environmental professionals fighting for a cleaner Earth, so I can put new information to use and live more sustainably.

I encourage you to take similar actions. Greater energy efficiency never hurt anyone, but it has helped the environment and put a flower where once there was only a footprint.

United States Environmental Protection Agency, "Climate Change - What You Can Do," United States Environmental Protection Agency.


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