Fort Lauderdale's First Carbon Neutral Bank

Banks are now going green and have realized the importance of being carbon neutral. One such bank is TD Bank. Recently, they opened their 18th carbon neutral store in the Fort Lauderdale suburb of Hollywood. This new location will be Florida's first carbon neutral bank. It is located at 5181 Sheridan Drive, Hollywood, Florida 33021. The grand opening was kicked off on February 19th and continued to February 20th of this year.
TD Bank, in keeping with their expansion of building carbon neutral stores, have built the newest energy saving bank in Hollywood, Florida. They have incorporated the most recent green technology in this building and will be seeking LEED certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment) certification is the international standard used to rate environmental performance. This bank ensures that their performance will meet the LEED standards in the form of sustainability, water usage, energy efficiency, the use of energy efficient materials and resources, as well as an environmentally friendly indoors.

According to TD Bank's Green Press Release, this bank reduces energy consumption by about 50 percent. It also utilizes energy solar panels. Approximately 20% of the stores energy uses energy from these solar panels. The store design incorporates wood from sustainably managed forests. In addition the store uses products that emit little or no VOC (Volatile Organic Materials). There are also walk off mats and air filters to trap dust particles and pollen. With the use of these air filters, the indoor environment has cleaner air quality. The glass is insulated with low E-coating to help keep a balanced environment. There are also sensors to control the lighting. In addition the store uses green cleaning products, recycled paper, glass, metal, plastic and disposable batteries. The bank also features a solar drive thru canopy, a kids center where kids will learn about green features of the building, lots of glass to allow natural lighting into the store, water efficient plumbing fixtures, exterior walls and glazing to keep the store cool.

TD Bank will go even a step further in green technology by building the country's first and TD bank's first net-zero bank. This bank will also be located in Fort Lauderdale on Cypress Creek Road. It will open sometime in spring. According to Jimmy Hernandez, TD Bank's Media Contact, the bank will have approximately 400 solar panels that will provide the bank with 100 percent of the banks energy.

The Hollywood TD Bank has provided the community with not only great banking but has also reduced the greenhouse gas emissions in the environment. This is definitely beneficial and progressive for the City of Fort Lauderdale to have a bank that is not only committed to the people but to the environment.


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