An Earth Day Promise to Be Green

The Earth is the most important natural resource we have, and must take care of. However everywhere on our earth we are constantly adding to the disaster of trashing our environment, but million's of people everyday are also changing their habits. People are recycling, using hybrid cars, and supporting green companies. They are going green and it's never to late for you and me to start.
Earth Day (Friday April 22, 2011) is a celebration for the earth. Where we may all make a promise to help our earth together. On this day I personally will be promising the plant no more destructive carbon. Cars pollute our air and unfortunately there are many bad effects our cars have on the environment. A car can be linked to people for many reasons; pleasure, convenience, wealth. However we must put aside our pride and find better more eco-friendly ways to achieve what cars were originally meant to do, and that is transportation.

Instead of using a car for a means of transportation I pledge to ride a bike and walk. This will eliminate all the carbon monoxide I would have cooperated in adding to the environment if I had continued to use my car. On an average mileage of 12,500 miles, and 14,000 for truck mileage, an average citizen can contribute 854 pounds of carbon. Our earth suffers from it everyday. From going to school to the mall, to an outing planned with friends I will be using my bike. Although the nights are cold coming back from college I will be wearing gloves, and will be wearing warm clothing. It will be a great way to not only give back to my Earth, but also add some more exercise into my daily routine.

I also pledge to plant and take care for a tree, helping the world become greener. Carbon dioxide is causing global warming, but when plants perform photosynthesis they use that carbon from the atmosphere eliminating it and converting it, with the help of water, to glucose and oxygen. Trees also can reduce the energy used for our cooling. There are many things trees can do for the environment and helping take care and plant one is just a small way we can all give back to our earth. In this way both my plant and me will be giving back to our beautiful but fragile earth. I encourage everyone who can to make a promise helping our earth, and wish you a happy Earth Day!


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