The Electric Bike: Another Step in Green Transportation

I see that electric bikes are all the rage in Europe. People have been commuting by bike for ages in countries like France and China. A large portion of the Chinese population ride bikes because cars are expensive and with the number of people living in china, the roads are crowded. I read that in Beijing, they passed a law recently to help cut down on air pollution, car license plates ending in low number would be banned from the roads on Mondays. Subsequent numbers would be Tuesday, then Wednesday, etc, etc. So each day there would be only so many cars allowed to be on the road. On those days workers would have to walk or ride bikes. Belgium and Amsterdam also have a lot of bicycle riders.
Bikes are perfect for running errands around town, going to the corner store and going to work if you live close to your job.They can be equipped with a rack for carrying items with a type of modified saddle bag for carrying groceries. If you get tired of peddling, just switch on the motor and rid…

Go Green with Free Trees to Plant

What would the world be like if everyone planted one tree? Now that you have this roaming through your mind you can get free trees to help you go green and even if you don't want to plant these free trees you can give them away for free. These trees are given away so that more people will get involved with going green. Each day more and more trees are cut down and people are trying to get the word out to plant a tree when you destroy one. Even if you aren't the one out there chopping down the trees you can still help the earth by planting one of these free trees.
Arbor Day Foundation

At Arbor Day Foundation they are offering free trees to those who become a member. Once you become a member the free trees will be shipped out and you will gain great access to all of their great offers and tips. There are two choices of free trees to chose from; either a flowering tree or a Colorado Blue Spruce tree. Each membership allows you to receive ten free trees.

Free Trees and Plants

The …

Earth Day Poem: Plant a Seed

Everyone should plant a seed on Earth Day -
Arbor Day Foundation offers ten small trees free!

Remember to reduce, reuse and recycle - listen to what I say

The ecosystem would agree

How much we take and how little we sow

During a recession, more interest may grow

Agriculture revival

Your survival.

Sources:Arbor Day Foundation

How Green is Your Dentist?

Who doesn't hate going to the dentist? You can now do your part to protect your smile and the planet by choosing a green dentist. The Eco Dentistry Association offers guidelines and certification programs to help dentists and their patients go green.
Standard dental processes produce waste and pollution. According to the Eco Dentistry Association, the dental industry could prevent 1.7 instrument sterilization pouches from entering landfills if they switched to non-toxic, reusable disinfection methods. There are just a few of the traditional dental processes that contribute to the majority of the waste produced in a typical dentist's office. The wasteful practices include disposable items to minimize infection, sterilization technique, mercury waste, conventional x-ray systems and traditional vacuum systems. Changing the approach to the way dentists handle these items can help put their clinic on the green dentistry path.

What is a Green Dentist?

Green dentistry reduces waste a…

Tips to Celebrate Christmas Holidays by Going Green

Go green is a moment by the people, for the people and of the people. With the increasing global warming and alarming of increase in pollution, there is a need to spread awareness among the people. Today, everyone is actively involved in the Go Green movement. You can have wonderful green holidays by adopting the following ways to go green.
It is the tendency of many people to dispose of redundant gift wrappings and items, during the holiday times. While these items can be just a piece of waste for them, they can be used effectively for reuse.

Items like newspaper can also be used to wrap up gifts. Although it may not produce a scintillating effect when used, but it is a boon for Going Green. Buy only eco-friendly products, preferably those which are biodegradable. This would ensure that they can be reused over and over again upon disposal. You can even keep those boxes you got from people as a gift. Keep them in your closet to use them during holiday time. Other items especially elec…

My Earth Day Resolutions

Just by looking up at the moon and reveling in it's great beauty and thinking of my own experience, I think that standing on its surface I wouldn't feel nearly as inclined to influence its future as my gaze eventually wanders to Earth, a small marble I could fit between my thumb and forefinger peering back from the same point in space on which I once gazed. The concept of wanting what you can't have pervades this scene and though it seems frivolous, maybe since we have it, it's integral in retaining hope and care for a more fulfilling future. I ask this of you, as this is one of my wants, to picture yourself on the moon as you dream of some earthly desire, and you'll realize that it can be obtained. But even if it may seem possible from this distance, you've only taken a hurried glimpse of the greater reality, and that is: it takes some work. But departing the Earth better than when you arrived on it and knowing that doing so will leave you more fulfilled and e…

An Earth Day Promise to Be Green

The Earth is the most important natural resource we have, and must take care of. However everywhere on our earth we are constantly adding to the disaster of trashing our environment, but million's of people everyday are also changing their habits. People are recycling, using hybrid cars, and supporting green companies. They are going green and it's never to late for you and me to start.
Earth Day (Friday April 22, 2011) is a celebration for the earth. Where we may all make a promise to help our earth together. On this day I personally will be promising the plant no more destructive carbon. Cars pollute our air and unfortunately there are many bad effects our cars have on the environment. A car can be linked to people for many reasons; pleasure, convenience, wealth. However we must put aside our pride and find better more eco-friendly ways to achieve what cars were originally meant to do, and that is transportation.

Instead of using a car for a means of transportation I pledge …